chandelier restoration

Chandelier Cleaning

For many years, our customers lacked a satisfactory cost-effective method to clean their chandeliers and keep their crystals sparkling. After all, these objects are often the centerpiece of a room and make a large impression on your guests. In the past, chandelier cleaning had proven to be a costly, time intensive and messy endeavor, but doing so makes the entire room sparkle.

Renue Systems® of NY-NJ is proud to have found a solution to this problem. Our technicians utilize a chandelier cleaning system whereby we enclose your chandelier in a casing, in essence creating a protective cocoon. We then use compressed air to blow off all of the dust, before utilizing a crystal cleaning solution to clean the crystals. Finally, we use the compressed air once again to dry the crystals. This is a fast, unobtrusive method that leaves very little cleanup (which of course we handle). Our process, along with our unique patented equipment, allows us to clean the entire chandelier, not just the crystals.

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