Renue Systems<sup>®</sup> of NY-NJ Commercial Carpet and Flooring Supply & Installation

Commercial Carpet/Flooring – Supply & Installation

Whether you are looking to replace or install the commercial carpet or other flooring of a commercial office space, or in the guestrooms, hallways, or grand ballroom of your hotel property, Renue Systems® of NY-NJ has the solution.   We have the ability to supply and install virtually any type of flooring including carpeting and carpet tiles, hardwood flooring, vinyl composite tile (VCT), ceramic, marble, granite, porcelain and more.  We work directly with the industries’ largest carpet manufacturers to offer our clients the largest selection of commercial carpet and flooring installation options at the most competitive prices. For large installations we will facilitate your purchase directly from a major mill and handle the receiving and installation.

Renue Systems® of NY-NJ can also provide you with walk off mats and custom logo mats. We can help you design the mats and provide you with finished drawings and free estimates. A custom logo mat can not only create a sharp and classy appearance at your property’s entranceway, but also prevent wear and damage to your property’s flooring by removing grit and moisture from footwear prior to your guests entering your property. Renue Systems® of NY-NJ can help you to achieve these results by supplying you with a custom logo mat whose appearance is welcoming to your guests and whose cost fits your budget.

As experts in the cleaning and maintenance of hard and soft flooring surfaces, we at Renue Systems® of NY-NJ are uniquely qualified to not only help you choose and install a flooring type or logo mat that will enhance the appearance of your property, but also to choose one that will allow for easy and cost-effective maintenance.

When the time comes to change out or install your commercial carpets or other flooring, Renue Systems® of NY-NJ has you covered.

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