Renue Systems<sup>®</sup> 			of NY-NJ provides janitorial cleaning and maintenance services

Janitorial Services

Renue Systems® of NY-NJ provides janitorial cleaning and maintenance services as well as post-construction cleanup for hotels, commercial properties, and professional offices. Our janitorial capabilities include but are not limited to restaurant and bar cleaning, power washing, window cleaning, stainless steel and brass polishing, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, high dusting work, and nightly garbage removal.

Our experience and expertise cleaning a wide range of properties and offices, often under tight time constraints, allows us to offer our clients an efficient, cost-effective cleaning and maintenance solution. Our janitorial cleaning and maintenance crews are available for daytime or overnight cleaning projects or maintenance work to accommodate hospitality properties with heavy daytime foot traffic, or professional offices with daytime work hours.

Post-Construction Cleanup

The successful, on time opening or re-opening of a hotel, restaurant, or commercial office building hinges upon the coordination of many moving parts. Many tasks necessary to turn a construction site into a fully operational hotel, restaurant or commercial property cannot commence until all construction work on the property has been finished, leaving very little time to coordinate and complete final preparations for the property’s opening. Those tasks become even more difficult, laborious, and time consuming when the property has not been cleared of all leftover construction debris, and when surfaces, appliances, carpets, walls, floors, windows and ceilings have been left with dirt, dust, or excess paint.

Renue Systems® of NY-NJ can ease this burden via our cost-effective post-construction cleanup services. Our experienced janitorial teams will take care of the “heavy lifting” work, allowing you to concentrate on the smaller tasks and details that need to be addressed before the property opens. Alternatively, as a company with vast janitorial maintenance experience at some of the most prestigious properties in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area, we can address those smaller details and tasks directly. Whether it be cleaning a restaurant or bar area in preparation for service or doing a final cleaning of hotel guest rooms in preparation for inspection or rental, Renue Systems® of NY-NJ is the answer to your post-constructions janitorial needs.

Janitorial Maintenance

To maintain the type of clean and efficient hotel property or office workspace that your customers and employees have come to expect, your property will require daily, weekly, or monthly janitorial maintenance work. That maintenance work should be handled by a company which doesn’t only clean, but also provides the type of janitorial maintenance service and innovative maintenance program design that makes it easier, more efficient, and less costly for you to maintain a sparkling property 365 days a year. Renue Systems® of NY-NJ WILL WORK WITH YOUto design a janitorial maintenance program for your property that will minimize the day-to-day upkeep needed to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness.

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