Renue Systems<sup>®</sup> of NY-NJ Stone & Marble Cleaning Services

Marble Cleaning & Polishing

Renue Systems®of NY-NJ provides restoration and maintenance for all natural stone floors, walls, and countertops. Our stonecare technicians have years of experience diamond honing and polishing various natural stones, including marble, granite, limestone, and terrazzo. Our diamond honing and marble polishing expertise allows us to bring marble floors that have lost their shine or have been scratched due to excessive foot traffic up to grade and restore their original shine and reflection.

The level of service your natural stone will require depends greatly on the type of stone you have and the condition of that stone. Natural stones are relatively soft stones. Over time, the surface of these stones on floors can become scratched and abraded from foot traffic causing it to lose its original shine. The scratches on the surface of the stones also cause light rays to refract in all directions adding to the dull appearance of the floor. Countertops become dirty, scratched and sometimes etched due to spills that have a high acid content. Walls and showers also become dirty, buildup hard water stains and soap scum, and collect pollutants within the air. All of these issues are correctable through our professional restoration services. We can also provide a comprehensive and affordable maintenance program to keep recently restored floors in a “like-new” condition.

Our approach is a very traditional one that includes the use of diamond infused pads and discs. Since a diamond is the hardest stone known to man, we use these pads and discs to hone a microscopic surface layer of the stone to remove any scratches. Natural stone tile is different than manmade tile in that it is the same exact design and composition from the surface of the stone to the bottom. That is why scratches can be removed without changing the appearance of the stone. Some stones will not require a diamond honing at all. They may simply require a polishing compound. However, many natural stones can be made to shine by polishing over the scratches but will not have a good reflection until the scratches are removed. Most marble and granite can be honed and polished to reflect like a mirror. We recommend that our customers meet with one of our marble experts to look at your stone to determine the level of service that it will require to achieve and maintain your desired appearance.

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